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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Policies on Protection of Personal Information

Through the following policies on protection of personal information, the School establishes a personal information protection framework, so that all employees can fully understand the importance in this point and the work on personal information protection is advanced.

Management of personal information

To ensure the correct and up-to-date personal information of customers and prevent improper access, loss, breakage, tampering and leakage, the School has taken necessary measures such as perfecting the maintenance and management systems of safety system, carrying out staff training, along with safety measures to strictly managing personal information.

Purpose of using personal information

Customers initiating a consultation on the website will be required to provide their personal information such as name, email address, telephone number, which will not be used for other purposes other than the purpose for which they are provided. Personal information submitted by customers is only for contact, business guide and question answering, and for delivery of e-mail and data.

Personal information shall neither be disclosed nor provided to a third party.

All your personal information will be properly protected and not be disclosed to a third party unless any of the following cases. A consent from the customer is obtained The disclosure is made to a company being entrusted by the School to offer services customers require When required by laws

Safety measures for personal information

To make sure the correctness and security of your personal information, the School has taken perfectly sound measures.

Query by the customer in person

If a customer intends to query, modify or delete his personal information, we will take corresponding measures after confirming your identity.

Comply with and revise orders and regulations

The School will comply with all Japanese orders and other regulations applicable to personal information, and modify the policies as appropriate for perfection.


If you intend to initiate a consultation with the school for questions related to personal information, please contact us via following channels.

5-3-25, Midori Town, Uruma, Okinawa 904-2215  Please click here to consult us.