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A Message from Principal

Yamada Hiroko

Okinawa where Asian Language & Culture College lies is always warm and abundant in natural resources, and its local people are friendly, which makes this place ideal to students who first come to Japan with an upset heart, where they can learn and live in peace. In recent years, more and more foreigners come to Okinawa, a city always open to them for living and visiting.
In addition, Okinawa has its unique culture and history. In addition to study Japanese here, students also have access to Japanese culture and Okinawa culture as we have not only prepared them projects to study Japanese, but also to experience the civilizations. Staffs of the School will try their best to satisfy each student’s demand so that they can be assured for life in Japan. They are gentle and affable as your family members, but also strict in teaching rules and rituals of Japan.
To help students master Japanese in classrooms, our teachers have designed different scenes and spared no efforts to teach students and guide them how to pass JLPT and enter universities.
You always have our utmost supports to live a ricer and substantial life in Japan and to make their dreams come true.

Hiroko Yamada

Educational Objectives

Our school works to build your tastes and characters as an international person should have, and following education goals are put forward in terms of living habits, autonomy and coordination based on Japanese culture.

To cultivate talents with abundant knowledge, theories and practice, and being able to sophisticatedly apply Japanese.

To output international talents with a comprehensive understanding on Japanese language, culture, history, national character and habits.

To enhance exchange and cooperation with other regions and to promote education on international understanding and exchange.

Introduction to Faculty, Staff and Leadership

Haruka Okawa


Okawa Haruka

Kiura Yasuo

Special lecturers

Kiura Yasuo

Mizue Shimamura

Administrative staff

Shimamura Mizue

Haruna Hirakawa

Administrative staff

Hirakawa Haruna

Mina Nohara

Life instructor

Nohara Mina

Sunagawa Chisato

Life instructor

Sunagawa Chisato

Characteristics of Colleges

Students are arranged to different classes based on their skills in Japanese skills in order to improve them in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also operate projects for exchanges with local residents and schools, and experience of traditional culture. With beautiful sea, blue sky, hospital residents, and unique history and culture, life in Uruma, a city with abundant natural resources subordinate to the charming Okinawa, is also a character of the School.